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There is nothing like getting a fresh manicure. Getting your nails done is a great way to treat yourself and to give yourself a boost in confidence. Since hands are one of the first things that people look at on a person, it is best that you have your nails looking their best. If you want a glamorous manicure that will be the talk of the town, Gelicious Nails in Folsom, CA is the salon to choose!

At Gelicious Nails, you will not just get a regular manicure. It will be the ultimate glamorization of your nails. We utilize a variety of manicure techniques, such as nail art and gel manicures. Our certified and experienced manicurist will transform your nails and make them look better than they have ever looked before. While getting your nails done, you will get a deluxe pampering treatment just like a spa! Coming to our salon is a great way to relieve stress.

We always try to make our customers look their best. We will choose the color that suits you and will make your nails pop. Our gel manicures rival those that you see in magazines and on celebrities. Come to us for a deluxe manicure that will leave you feeling fabulous. We utilize the best manicure products in the industry, choosing to use only well established brands.

The manicure will not only leave your nails look great, but it will leave the skin of your hands smooth and soft. With our manicures we offer exfoliating treatments and soothing skin smoothing techniques that will rejuvenate your hands. We can also give a relaxing hand massage to release tension in your muscles and joints.

To take advantage of this luxurious manicure, make an appointment or come as a walk in at out Folsom, CA location today!

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