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While most people love to get a new manicure, the feet are often overlooked because they are one part of the body that is commonly hidden. However, getting a pedicure is very important as well. When summer time comes and it’s time to wear open toed shoes, you wouldn’t want to have flawed toenails and dry, cracked skin on your feet. At Gelicious Nails in Folsom, CA we our pedicure will have you ready just in time for sandal season!

Skin and nail problems on the feet are far too common. Since the feet are often neglected, many people suffer from chipped or unhealthy looking toenails and dry skin. With our pedicure, we work to get the feet looking rejuvenated and healthy, while making the nails polished and new. We provide exfoliating and moisturizing treatments that will get rid of the dry, peeling skin, and we can file and buff the nails to make them look healthy again. We can also help with dry and cracked heels. With our pedicure spa, you will receive an all-around relaxing treatment that will not

only have your feet looking great, but feeling great as well. We give the feet a tension relieving massage and give you time to allow your feet to soak in a rejuvenating solution. We will then use the color of your choice to transform your nails and make them perfectly suitable for exposure in cute summer sandals and shoes.

The next time you get a manicure, make sure to pair it with a pedicure as well. Both the hands and feet deserve the same pampering and treatment. Our trained professionals know just now to make your skin youthful and alluring, while giving you the gorgeous nails to match. Let us give you the celebrity treatment with our pedicure!

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